Friday, October 2, 2020

Texas Lifestyles Magazine Loves the Ghosts of Houston's Market Square Park

Texas Lifestyles Magazine has the honor of publishing the first review of Sandra Lord and Debe Branning's new Ghosts of Houston's Market Square Park. Thank you! We worked hard and are glad the author, Lisa Davis, understood what we were trying to do. Shout out to Aryelle Amador for the article's cover shot and to Lisa Pham for the beautiful photo of the Friedman Clock Tower.

Spoiler alerts: 

  • Aryelle Amador is Sandra Lord's granddaughter. 
  • Sandra sold Discover Houston Tours to Phil Stewart in 2017. 
  • She sold Houston Urban Adventures to Michael Schmidt in 204. 
  • Her current business is Houston Walks.
  • Linda Pham is a friend of Arcadia editor Ben Gibson, who was also instrumental in keeping Sandra from telling the history of the world before diving into Houston in 1836.