Saturday, November 6, 2021

Where to Find the Ghosts of Houston's Market Square Park


I first found the Ghosts of Houston's Market Square Park last year in a special display on the checkout counter at my local Walgreens, 200 West 20th Street. (Spoiler Alert: My friend Lorie is also found with three other lovely ladies on page 52.) Since then, over 1,050 copies of the book have been sold in Houston and in Arizona by my co-author Debe Branning. 

It's currently available at

Amazon * Arcadia * Barnes & Noble * Blue Willow Bookshop * Brazos Bookstore * Bulk Bookstore * Half-Price Books Copperfield Plaza * Katy Budget Books * Murder By the Book * The Book Co.  * Village Books

As for me, I'm volunteering on most Thursdays at The Heritage Society, where autographed copies of the book are available.